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Adult Squad


This squad caters for adult swimmers aged 18 and over who have progressed from stroke progression as well as personas looking for training quality and technique based swimming. This is suitable for Masters swimmers, lifesavers, Open Water swimmers, and triathletes.



Swimmers should be able to swim Freestyle and another stroke and at least 1500m in less than an hour in a pool. We swim all strokes with an emphasis on Freestyle and IM for general fitness. 


  • Kit bag: pull buoy, kickboard, paddles, long fins or short fins, and snorkel 

  • Water bottle, goggles, and cap (for long hair)

  • Wear Cheltenham uniform at competitions


Sessions & Cost

  • Tuesday and Friday 5:30-7am

  • Casual session fee: $25.00

For more information, please contact Sharon on 0425.813.681

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