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Cheltenham swimming club 

Head Coach 

Kelly Stubbins

Kelly Stubbins is a highly experienced and accomplished coach. With over 15 years of coaching experience at both the elite and grassroots levels, Kelly has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the sport and a proven ability to develop strong relationships among athletes of all ages.


Kelly is highly regarded for her ability to nurture young talent and inspiring athletes to reach their individual potential. Her coaching philosophy focuses on holistic development, encompassing technical proficiency and a positive and resilient mindset. By fostering a supportive and positive training environment, Kelly aims to cultivate a culture of growth and achievement within Cheltenham Swimming Club.


Cheltenham swimming club 

Head Junior Coach 

Antony Edwards

Cheltenham's Junior Head Junior Coach Antony Edwards is an accredited Silver License Swimming Coach, and has more than 30 years’ experience as a swimming teacher and coach. Antony has taken swimmers to National Competitions for over a decade. He has also trained State finalists and medalists in all strokes and distances.


When he was younger, Antony trained with a number of swim schools (including Cheltenham) and was captain of his school's swim team. He enjoys what he does and it shows in the way he always tackles the task to the very best of his ability.

Antony's spare time is spent with his wife and two daughters. He also likes to keep fit by water skiing, bike riding and, of course, swimming.

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