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Development Squad


The Development Squad is for members who are interested in becoming

competitive swimmers, with the knowledge that this means making a

commitment to competitive swimming as one of their primary sports. The

endeavours of swimmers in this squad are to develop strong training habits,

hone skills, technique, and further develop aerobic capacity, and gain

competition experience at encouragement meets and official Swimming

Victoria meets, such as All Juniors.


  • Demonstrate interest in competition by participating in Encouragement Meets

  • Complete Intro sessions with high quality technique, skill, and positive attitude

  • Show engagement and strong work ethic throughout the training session

  • Adhere to lane etiquette expectations


Training Expectations:

  • Swim 2-3 times per week, 

  • Have a pair of goggles, cap, bathers, fins and drink bottle at every session

  • Properly complete Dryland activation

  • Take on feedback and make veritable efforts to improve technique and skills as advised by coaches

  • Show engagement and strong work ethic throughout the training session

  • Support other members of the Development and be a good teammate

  • If a swimmer has exceeded the maximum age limit for this squad they must either be moved up or to Sub Junior, Youth, Senior Squad. Must not stay in the squad longer than a week after turning 13


Competition Expectations

  • Compete in all encouragement meets targeted by Cheltenham

  • Compete in all four strokes and the IM

  • May participate in Swimming Victoria meets if registered as an Swimming Victoria  member

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