Encouragement Meet Results

September 2019 Encouragement Meet

15 September 2019

​Well done to all swimmers who attended our Encouragement Meet last night! We were happy to see so many swimmers racing and learning how to be competitive. Thank you so much to our lovely volunteers and to the Flyers Swim Team and Bayside Swimming Club for bringing their teams!

Please join us for our next encouragement meet in Term 1 of 2020. 

Meet Results

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February Encouragement Meet

17 February 2019

​We had so much fun hosting our second-ever Encouragement Meet at Waves Leisure Centre. Well done to all swimmers who competed, and many thanks to our wonderful parent volunteers who helped make this event a success! 

Join us again in July and September for more awesome Encouragement Meets for 12&Under and Multi-Class swimmers.


Meet Program

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First Cheltenham Encouragement Meet

26 August 2018

Congratulations to all 110 swimmers who competed in our first encouragement meet at Waves Leisure Centre on Saturday 25 August. Many of the swimmers were competing for the first time and had a blast!

Huge thanks go out to the Flyers Swim Team for joining our inaugural event. This meet would not have been possible without the help of our team's parents and older swimmers. Thanks, everyone, for coming together!

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