Senior Squad


Coaches: Anna Hume, Hayden Ross, Courtney Stelling


The Senior Squad provides dynamic training options for swimmers interested in developing and maintaining their fitness. Most of our swimmers are focused on school swimming, triathlons, Open Water, and Surf Lifesaving. Our Senior Squad swimmers are not required to participate in our club's targeted meets but are welcome to do so if they wish. 


  • Swim at least 1-4 times a week, in allocated squad sessions

  • Have a pair of goggles, cap, bathers, fins and drink bottle at every session

  • Age range: 13-18 years old

Squad Options

Senior 1: 1 session per week

Senior 2: 2 sessions per week

Senior 3: 3 sessions per week

Senior 4: 4 sessions per week



Must be able to swim all 4 competitive strokes, dive, tumble turn, and do isolated kick and pull

Be able to swim Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly to FINA standards in any combination of distance of the full session. Sessions range in distance from 2 - 3.5km for 1.5 hours

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